Botielus: musician, composer, & singer

This section features his SYNTHSTRUMENTALS (synthesizer instrumentals)
melodic symphonies and soundscapes using only synthesizers.

Botielus (bow-tie-less) is

Here he is rockin’ St George UT on NYE with a Billy Joel Tribute show!

a professional multi-instrumentalist and composer specializing in piano, accordion, and sax.

He specializes in BOTH his own keyboard instrumentals and playing your favorite Classic Rock from the 70’s-80’s

He also plays lots of different songs and styles from the 20’s thru current (he loves playing Lady GaGa and Katy Perry songs!).  

Hire him NOW for your Holiday party, dinner, or event!  

Botielus can liven up any party!(or mellow out your party if wanted!)

Piano man!
Fun pianist who can play lots of cover songs songs ranging from rock & pop, to classics. For songlist, just see his Squeezebox Hero songlist (lots of the same songs, just on piano instead of accordion!)

Squeezebox Hero
Zany Singing Accordionist playing everything from golden oldies & polka to modern rock & pop! He has been compared to Weird Al!

His other acts:

His 2nd & 3rd albums

also on iTunes,


and more!